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Online Training Program (Coaching Certification)

Our online coaching program gives aspiring coaches the opportunity to work with Dr. Drew Fockler, an experienced and Certified Life Coach. In this program, learn the tools of the trade on how to effectively grow your coaching expertise and obtain coaching certification.

One-On-One Individual Consulting

If you’re a certified coach in the Vancouver, British Columbia region looking to enhance your current coaching skill set and receive support in growing your business, consider engaging in one-on-one individual consulting sessions with Dr. Drew.

Four Areas

The Life Coaching training will focus on specializing in 4 different areas (life, career, business, and leadership):

Life coaches ultimately strive to support clients in moving towards their personal or professional goals and creating a sense of fulfillment. Life coaches help provide clients with clarity surrounding their goals and support their clients in problem-solving to overcome obstacles.

Coaches who specialize in career coaching help their clients target career-based issues, skill gaps, and can provide support in strategizing a plan for career progression. Life coaches with a career specialization may also support clients in developing skills that encourage career advancement, such as assertiveness, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.

Coaches who specialize in business coaching support entrepreneurial clients through a variety of stages in the business development process. Coaches with a business focus can support clients in creating business and financial plans, cost and SWOT analysis, in addition to executive planning and strategizing.

Coaches who specialize in leadership coaching may work with clients currently holding leadership positions, or with clients who aspire to hold leadership positions. Leadership coaching helps clients discover and develop their leadership skills in order to facilitate positive change on personal, professional, or community levels.

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