About Coach4You

Coach4You is a comprehensive and accredited program for those seeking Life Coaching certification. Coach4You is a coach practitioner credentialing program that uniquely provides opportunities for coaches to select a targeted specialization in domains of leadership, business, career, and life coaching. In addition to meeting specific education requirements, Coach4You also serves to provide its coaches with additional insight into training opportunities in order to address skill gaps. Coach4You strives to provide training, support and resources to aspiring Life Coaches with the goal of maintaining a high standard of ethical and informed practice.

About You

How about you? Are you a Life Coach who could benefit from additional support and resources to better serve your clients? Interested in strengthening your skill sets and addressing skill/training gaps to become a more confident, competent coach? If you are hoping to receive non-judgemental, focused, and comprehensive support from a coach for coaches… you are in the right place.

Online Training Program (Coaching Certification)

Our online coaching program gives aspiring coaches the opportunity to work with Dr. Drew Fockler, an experienced and Certified Life Coach. In this program, learn the tools of the trade on how to effectively grow your coaching expertise and obtain coaching certification.

One-On-One Individual Consulting

If you’re a certified coach in the Vancouver, British Columbia region looking to enhance your current coaching skill set and receive support in growing your business, consider engaging in one-on-one individual consulting sessions with Dr. Drew.

Are you up for the challenge to
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