Meet Dr. Drew

As a Coach and experienced Master Trainer, I know the importance of obtaining a high-level of training and supervision when preparing to work with clients on deeply personal issues. We know that clients often seek out life coaching in times of transition in their lives – many in vulnerable states – and so it is imperative that we have a solid foundation of education, skills, and experience that is grounded in evidence-based theory, in order to maintain a high standard of ethical and informed practice. I founded Coach4You as a pathway for aspiring Life Coaches seeking comprehensive training and support in order to best serve their clients, and also to provide a secure, confidential space for Life Coaches to reflect on their approach to practice and address areas for training & development.

Since 2005, I have been providing employment services to clients from within Canada and recently, the United States. From career planning, to teaching, to business solutions, my focus is always about building a collaborative relationship where clients feel empowered to set and strive for purposeful goals. I appreciate working with individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life, and am committed to building a strong relationship focused entirely on building the kind of coach that YOU want to become.

I have extensive experience working in a variety of fields such as:

I have extensive experience working in a variety of fields such as:

Key Credentials

▪️ Doctorate of Education – Western University

▪️ Master’s Degree in Education – Memorial University

▪️ Bachelor of General Studies, Arts & Science – Athabasca University

▪️ Career and Work Counsellor Diploma – Fleming College

▪️ Certified Life Coach – YWCA

▪️ Master Trainer (Level III) with Personality Dimensions, Train-the-Trainer’s Trainer

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