Meet Dr. Drew

Founder of Vocational Quest Inc.

As a Coach and experienced Master Trainer, I know the importance of consulting and obtaining supervision when working with clients. We know that clients often seek out life coaching in times of transition in their lives – many in vulnerable states – and so it is imperative that we have opportunities to consult and collaborate in order to maintain a high standard of ethical and informed practice. I founded Coach4You as a resource for Life Coaches seeking supervision and support in order to better serve their clients, and also to provide a secure, confidential space for Life Coaches to reflect on their practice and address areas for training & development.

Since 2005, I have been providing employment services to clients from within Canada and recently, the United States. From career planning, to teaching, to business solutions, my focus is always about building a collaborative relationship where clients feel empowered to set and strive for purposeful goals. I appreciate working with individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life, and am committed to building a strong relationship focused entirely on building the kind of coach that YOU want to become.

I have extensive experience working in a variety of fields such as:

  • Private and public sector
  • Community college instruction 
  • Facilitating adult learning theories
  • Curriculum development
  • Business & leadership coaching



▪️ Doctorate of Education – Western University

▪️ Master’s Degree in Education – Memorial University

▪️ Bachelor of General Studies, Arts & Science – Athabasca University


▪️ Career and Work Counsellor Diploma – Fleming College

▪️ Certified Life Coach – YWCA

▪️ Master Trainer (Level III) with Personality Dimensions, Train-the-Trainer’s Trainer