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With easy access to life coaching services everywhere, it can be challenging for clients to find the right fit due to service overwhelm. Considering the complex set of skills a life coach must possess, such as the responsibility to conduct their life coaching business and bridge the gap between genuinely creating an impact in their clients’ lives while growing their business – not to mention the actual background, credentials and experience to stand out in the industry – finding the ‘right fit’ also entails finding an ethical and highly-trained individual. 


In order to support access to comprehensively trained and aspiring coaches around the globe, Dr. Drew Fockler (a Certified Career and Work Counsellor, Certified Life Coach and a Master Trainer (Level III) with Personality Dimensions, Train-the-Trainer’s Trainer) has established Coach4You: a coaching organization for aspiring coaches with a goal to establish and grow their credentials, and acquire a new set of skills based on years of invaluable experience.


Below are just a few of the many lessons that you can learn at Coach4You and how you can become a better coach in the long run.


At the end of the day, life coaching is still a business and all these life coaches are just trying to earn a living. With that being said, most of these coaches fall into the trap of business-related external factors that separates them from the ultimate goal which is providing expert life coaching advice and wisdom.


In order to be a flexible and a multi-dimensional life coach, it all starts with your approach and behavior. An ideal life coach must be able to balance their life coaching business and allow it to grow, expand and reach new heights all while having their clients satisfied.


On the other hand, a coach’s approach must also be aligned with their behavior. Leaning more towards a systematic “disciplined” approach of behavior which is intentional in comparison to “default” behavior which is merely impulsive and does not achieve any desired impact.


Building chemistry between a life coach and their clients must be natural and seamless. To establish a winning team consisting of both a life coach and its clients, a coach must inspire its own internal team first before venturing to its clients and therefore avoid falling into the trap of self-centeredness, instant culture of an inflated ego which is the opposite of creating a stronghold of character individuals.


In every team, there’s always going to be wins and losses. Coaches must instill in their team or clients per se, that this is entirely normal. Aside from developing a plethora of skills to win at all costs, coaches should focus on a “win or learn” approach instead. To win in a valiant way in every facet of life while developing a new set of skills is the goal. But to learn in losing will be the secret ingredient to success and will only bring us closer to our goals in the future. After all, it’s all about the life skills that we take along on this journey.


In winning, it’s all about teamwork, executing the perfect game plan and implementing it. Without the proper attitude, coaches will fail to formulate a plan for its clients and their individual goals. Coaches must also remain resilient in a fast-paced culture of changing and upgrading all the time. And yes, that includes life coaches.

Perhaps the underlying challenge for all life coaches would be how to instill a culture within themselves and their team no matter the different levels of pace that their clients present. Coaches must be well-trained enough to develop a foundation of values that will eventually become the framework of habits and behaviors in the long run.

About Coach4You

Are you a Life Coach who could benefit from additional support and resources to better serve your clients? Interested in strengthening your skill sets and addressing skill/training gaps to become a more confident, competent coach? If you are hoping to receive non-judgmental, focused, and comprehensive support from a coach for coaches, Coach4you is a comprehensive supervisory and support service for Life Coaches, providing support for coaches in domains of leadership, business, career, and life coaching. Coach4You provides supervision and guidance for client consultation, and provides information and insight into training opportunities to address skill gaps. Coach4You strives to provide support and resources to Life Coaches with the goal of maintaining a high standard of ethical and informed practice.

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